Meet the authors

Dr. Imran Rashid

Dr. Imran Rashid is an experienced IT-entrepreneur and a qualified family physician.

In Rashid’s final years of medical specialisation, he began to question the way health care was being delivered and whether this could be improved with the integration of current technology trends.

This interest lead him through several medtech startups and a general family practice, until he was headhunted to the position as Head of Innovation in the largest chain of private hospitals in Denmark, Aleris-Hamlet Private Hospitals.

Working with both patients and technology opened Dr. Rashids eyes for some major concerns. Many of the patients he saw often mentioned stress, sleep disorders and the feeling of being “always connected”.

He wondered if these symptoms were caused by technology and started prescribing smartphone free time and screen time limiting apps like Moment etc.

Soren Kenner

Soren Kenner is a well-known online marketer and entrepreneur.

He is a former chairman at McCann MRM EMEA, where he serviced global clients such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Mastercard, Lucent and Nestlé.

He is a co-founder of Medialog (integrated marketing agency), Zecco.com (online trading, later known as TradeKing), Hello Group (online marketing), Moodagent (audio-fingerprinting), Intivation (solar cells for phones), Sparrow Quantum (single photon light-sources) and Concordium (foundational blockchain technology).

Apart from his interest in online marketing and business he plays the guitar and is the co-author of the Tina, Thomas and Tobby series, detective novels for tweens, published in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany by Wangels Forlag/Egmont. He lives with his family in Cambridge UK.

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